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Open letter to the Commissioner of Police


Dear Sir: As the Carnival season returns, I am once again asking you to assign a police officer to stand guard in the cenotaph’s enclosure to prevent it from being vandalized. I appreciate the effort you made last year and I was grateful to note that the only vandal’s paint that marred the monument was prior to my letter requesting it be guarded.{{more}}

May I also take this opportunity to suggest that the police start using more surveillance technology? An inconspicuous camera hidden under the soldier’s hat would have helped to identify the criminal who climbed up the cenotaph’s pedestal and locked a padlock on the trigger guard of the soldier’s rifle.

Apart from that, if one is not already in place, kindly consider creating a surveillance unit within the police force. If the store owners can see live feeds from multiple surveillance cameras on one screen, surely the police can do likewise. Surveillance and spy cameras are a dime a dozen in this era of technology and come in an astonishing variety of shapes and sizes. Please liaise with Vinlec and attach surveillance cameras on the poles of key streets/intersections and in high crime neighbourhoods which can be monitored from the police station. If I can set up a camera at home and use my phone or computer at work to see what the camera is recording, I know my police force can do better than that.

I have faith in your forward thinking, Sir, and your desire to make St Vincent and the Grenadines a safer and more law abiding state.