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As a people, we need to draw closer to GOD


Editor: Once again tragedy has struck North Leeward. This time, it is a tragic accident that has claimed lives. Our hearts go out in sympathy to the bereaved families who have lost loved ones in such a tragic way. In these times it is hard to comfort, for the pains are great.{{more}}

I know that there would be many versions of what happened. Let us not be too quick to conclude. There would also be talks about what should have been done and how it could have been avoided. There would always be the ifs. What we know for a fact is that when tragedies of this nature occur, as a people, we need to draw closer to GOD. Let us not make it into something political.

This tragedy is but a reminder of how uncertain life is. It is time for us as Vincentians to stop playing the fool and get down on our knees and beg for forgiveness. We need to live for God. Let us live closer to God. Now is not the time to fool around and to think that we have time.

We need to consider our destiny. What if I die today? What will it be for me? Where would I spend eternity? As Christians, it is time to live for God and stop messing around. As Christians, we need to be the salt and light of this world. We need to pray earnestly for this nation.

I wish that we would realize how fragile life is and consider our own destiny. Let us be conscious of the fact that at any moment we can be dead, for “as it is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment,” Hebrews 9:27.

We know it is Carnival time and also elections time, but let not Christ be forgotten and let Christ be the main attraction. May we seek to live a holy life before God and one that honours him?

Kennard King