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ROBDA celebrates


Editor: June 1 this year marked 28 years since the Rose Bank Development Association (ROBDA) has been in existence. This is no mean feat, by any stretch of the imagination. While many groups have come and gone, we have remained.{{more}}

Of course, we have achieved much. Amongst some of the achievements are pipe borne water to the community, tree crops to farmers, the best kept yard competition, adult literacy and sporting activities, just to name a few.

Recently, the Rose Bank bus shed was reconstructed and soon, the Dark View cemetery will be fenced. Of course, more detailed information will be given at another time. The beautifying of the community with the palm trees along the side is a product of ROBDA.

During the sea disaster in November 1999, when the sea at Dark View invaded the homes on the waterfront and totally wiped out everything, ROBDA effectively managed that particular disaster. Up until this day, there were no complaints of how things were managed. This speaks volumes for the capabilities of members of ROBDA. Unfortunately, in the recent disaster of December 2013, floods were not managed by ROBDA, but by a committee. Therefore, as the hurricane season is upon us, the formation of a disaster management committee is necessary.

It is rather unfortunate that ROBDA was not officially invited to be part of a disaster management committee. It is my hope that soon a management committee would be set up to manage the community centre at Rose Bank and that ROBDA, who previously, when they were given the task to manage the centre did a magnificent job, would form an integral part of the committee. After all, they should be recognized and given the opportunity to be involved, since ROBDA is the only existing community group in the area and also because of its years of existence and its past record of efficient management.

It would be such an unfortunate thing if a handpicked committee were to be formed to manage the community centre while ROBDA is left out. Also the churches should be involved.

As they celebrate another milestone in their existence, let’s continue to support and pray for them. Congrats, ROBDA; keep going.

Kennard King