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Females in soccer


Editor: Many moms and dads looked at the female soccer tournament held at the Victoria Park, April 2015 and felt happy that Team SVG won. Now they must give the necessary support for the sport’s continued development.{{more}}

I hope this article encourages today’s moms and dads, families and fans, especially those who want to see their youths achieve the best of what is left in their remaining years, that practising with their club team is more beneficial than practising with friends and others.

It is best to have a coach who is an outstanding and experienced player and who has knowlege of coaching. That would be the best person to develop the player’s abilities and to help them to understand and recognize the various game situations, their possible outcomes and when the player and his team should take the initiative. This type of coach knows how long it took him to master those playing abilities.

At present, the best of our female players are at an age when one can expect changes in terms of the prioritiy they give to the game. However, friends and others do not win tournaments nor develop the sport, but club teams do; so players should consider the time spent at training as development time.

The Women’s World Cup began on June 6. Let’s all pay attention to the players, team performance and their interviews. Leagues are opening in many countries, as a means of developing the sport and as a form of an alternative employment for females. So, mom and dad, I am encouraging you to get the best coaches to have your daughter prepared educationally, physically and technically to become an intelligent player, for these are the players now needed.

While we congratulate the female and male soccer teams for winning the U-23, let’s give them the necessary support and the fullest of attention so continuity remains on a high.

My previous articles on soccer accountability have never been taken seriously; do you still feel that way now that we are hearing members of FIFA are charged with corruption?

Good luck on our World Cup sojourn.

Rollit Walrond