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LIME and its upgraded Internet service


Editor: Four months ago I received a phone call from Lime asking if I wanted to upgrade my Internet service. I replied no, it was adequate, in that I only used it for email and bill paying. A month later, I received a call from Lime, indicating that they would be upgrading me anyway, “because I am a good customer.” I said fine, as long as I am not charged more.{{more}}

Six weeks ago I received a call from Lime, congratulating me that the upgrade was complete, “Turn off the modem, reboot and you will have the faster speed.” I have run speed checks (not that I had to, the perceivable download speed had remained the same, only lessening in evenings), at least twice a day, since the call from Lime six weeks ago; there has been no change.

So, I called Lime, remained on hold for 35 minutes (being subjected to the most annoying audio advertisement I have ever experienced), then was answered by a polite young man, who proceeded to put me back on hold for a further 15 minutes. I was then disconnected, but received a call back indicating that, indeed I still had the original 3 Mpbs connection, (which now functions at 1.00 Mpbs to 1.2. Mpbs) and if I thought I “qualified” for an upgrade, I would have to go into the office and see a customer service person to whom I could express my concern.

I then wondered at all the phone calls from Lime to me — a ruse, a joke, a come-on?

So, I checked the Lime website to see what the slowest plan offered was. It took a while to get there, but it turned out to be 9 Mbps. My Internet connection then slowed down to the point where I couldn’t even access the Lime website. I had no active Internet connection; the circle at the top of the screen just went round and round…so much for monopolies and improved service. The circle just goes round and round…

Albert Hipple