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A few definitely can make a difference


Editor: Please permit me some space to clarify a matter which came about as a result from an article published in last week’s paper. I would appreciate your assistance on clarifying this issue.

As was published in the paper last week: the scholarship that is being offered to children in the Sion Hill and surrounding areas, which is named ‘The Sion Hill Overseas Based, Residents and Friends Secondary School Scholarship’ has nothing to do with the organization based in the US called the ‘Friends of Sion Hill Inc.’{{more}}

This scholarship is an initiative of Angella Ideisha Jackson, which is supported by a group of persons who live overseas, in England, the United States of America, the US Virgin Isands, and Panama, who are all originally from Sion Hill; also current residents of the community and friends of Ideisha Jackson who are not from the community, but wish to support. These persons include Nerissa Fergus, June Baptiste, Shawn Hewitt, Robert Dickson, Venton James, Garth Collis, Brian Glasgow, Roxanne Chambers, and Kay Sargeant. A very big heartfelt thanks to these persons and our sincerest thanks to those who will come on board in the future.

We  plan to make this an annual event, so we look forward to continued support. We must send thanks also to Jax Enterprises Ltd and Jujube Book Store for their contributions. A few definitely can make a difference.

 Angella Ideisha Jackson