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Is the ‘No Entry’ sign there for sham?


Editor: The authorities have made an effort to allow the smooth flow of vehicular traffic during the construction of the South Leeward highway. This is commendable! However, now that the police officer has been removed from the NO ENTRY signs at bottom and top Questelles, motorists travel these routes, totally ignoring the NO ENTRY signs. What is worse, is that some motorists traveling in the wrong direction refuse to reverse or pull aside, especially in the lower Questelles area, to allow law-abiding motorists to traverse that area safely.{{more}}

Is the NO ENTRY sign there for sham, or is there need for a police officer to be placed at a strategic point for motorists to comply?

It has also been observed that some motorists, including minivan drivers, totally ignore the STOP and direction/arrow sign at the Campden Park industrial intersection. Even when the traffic warden/attendant who gives directions is in place, motorists have been seen arguing as to why they should not be allowed to go through where the STOP and direction sign is. Is the STOP sign just for sham? What would it take for motorists to comply? A few extra hard-earned dollars taken from their pockets? Come on motorists…the diversion takes less than 10 minutes extra to get to your destination, wherever that may be!

A Concerned Motorist