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The Green Party is organized and ready


Editor: The Green Party government will be a reconciliation government. We are the ministry with the greatest concern about the life and future of our country. Today, if we look at the condition of our country, the agro industry, sports and culture, business and the industrial sector, tourism, health, marketing and innovation, the private sector and hotel industry, we can see that they are in need of emergency attention.{{more}} Too much time and money is being wasted on projects that are being left unoccupied and abandoned. The Green Party government will turn these abandoned buildings and projects into industrious facilities and enhance our business sector.

For example, the La Croix paletization building will be turned into the new marketing cooperation. The Green Party government is consulting with our foreign nationals, organizing them into our wholesale and retail outlet to sell our farmers’ goods on an international market.

We will complete the cross-country road that is abandoned with an air bus system that will travel overhead on pulley lines that will reduce environmental damage to the forest. We will train citizens in our university on medicine making and advance on local medicine production. More emphasis will be placed on sporting and cultural facilities, to have our country represented at the Olympics. We will train a labour force for export of labour. We will have a salary increase in skilled and domestic labour. If there is a failure at the Argyle international airport, we will turn the area into an industrial site to produce wind energy etc. A Green Government will reconcile this country by rehabilitating and organizing the population to accomplish our enterprise.

Jason Simon