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Let’s talk cricket


Editor: As West Indians, we are always passionate about the game of cricket, more so West Indies. The discussion will always go on about selection and the future of the team.{{more}}

I continue to be baffled at the omission of our own Kenroy Peters from both the test squad and the A team. The cricketing fraternity is owed an explanation as to why he, after one test match, has been unceremoniously dropped from the West Indies team and not even considered for the A team. Surely there has to be a justifiable reason. The Windward Islands board and sports writers too are deadly silent. Maybe they are aware of the reason or reasons for his omission and have chosen to conceal it. For we know that Bajan and Trini boards, sports writers and commentators would not have been silent had it been one of their own. Are we to believe that in the Windward Islands no one stands up for our players?

On the issue of selection to the test team, I cannot understand why you would take SHAI HOPE, after a brief first class season, and select him as a test opener. The team management, along with the selectors, knows that he has not played as an opener for Barbados. Yet, they can select him as an opener. Looking at his batting in his first test match, it is clearly seen that that position is not made for him. He lacks the technique for such a position. He is better suited for the middle order, maybe as a replacement for Shiv Chanderpaul when he retires. Because what is likely to happen to this young man is that he can be set up for failure and subsequently lose confidence and rather than progress, he regresses. It would have been better to let the young man harness his skill a bit more. Maybe select him for the A team where he can be guided technically by Sir Viv Richards, then afterwards place him on the West Indies team.

Shiv Chanderpaul, we all would agree, has served us well and deserves a good send-off. He ought to be given the respect and the opportunity to play against Australia. He should be given a proper farewell. I am certain that he would have given a good performance in the upcoming test series against Australia. However, the selectors and coach think otherwise. I know that there are different views concerning Shiv’s issue. His dropping leads to a question as to what does it profit a West Indian player to be 100 per cent loyal and devoted to West Indies, when in the end they are treated with disrespect. There are many past test players who can testify to this sentiment and so can Darren Sammy.

Upon the retirement of Shiv Chanderpaul, Shai Hope can be given the opportunity to fill that spot and not play as an opener but as a middle order batsman, where he can better perform.

Cricket, being the game that unites us, should be managed effectively in all areas, so as to bring back the smiles on the faces of us West Indians again. It is my personal belief that we have a long long way to go to be considered a force to be reckoned with. Nevertheless, let us rally around the West Indies.

Kennard King