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Why wet fetes in dry season?


Editor: In recent years, Carnival in St Vincent and the Grenadines seems to be associated with many wet fetes. It leads one to ask where is the water acquired from and who grants permission for such usage.{{more}}

Several days ago, the CWSA issued a publicly advisory, advocating the proper utilization of water because of the lack of rainfall which has significantly affected its water systems across the island. Should a wet fete be considered in the light of such a warning from the established water provider? Does the CWSA advise the Commissioner of Police (COP) on such events in the wake of a dry spell?

One may argue that the water used does not necessarily have to come from the CWSA system, but from rivers; but, if this is so, is this safe? Does the Ministry of Health and Environment look into these things to ensure that the water used is safe to be dispersed on party-goers?

There needs to be an enhanced dialogue between the Ministry of Health, CWSA and the COP with regard to water-related events. In the midst of global warming we are now experiencing longer and more intense dry seasons. Conservation must be practised across the board, with emphasis placed on the health of our nationals.

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