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Surprised by the amazing support of CEPA parents


Editor: On May 15, 2015, students from various parts of St Vincent and the Grenadines did their Common Entrance exams. I decided to visit the Grammar School and the Girls’ High School to examine the attitude of the students who were about to engage in the Common Entrance Exam. I was surprised by the amazing support shown to the children by mothers and fathers. It was very remarkable, especially the number of working parents that took time off just so they could show their children support. I must commend the parents.{{more}}

The majority of the parents I spoke to expressed tremendous confidence in their children. many said they have no doubt that their children were going to pass this exam. I am not a parent, but it gave me pride to see such support being shown to the children.

It is very important that the parents understand that quality education is key in their children’s development. Our nation’s greatest asset is our children; they must be encouraged by parents, the communities, media houses, NGOs, churches and the government.

While there may be challenges with our education system, there is no doubt that the ULP is trying their best to give our children a quality education. Their policy on education is catching on and must be encouraged by all, because our children will benefit. So, it is very important that today’s politicians pay special attention to our children; politicians from both the ULP and the NDP, pay attention! Why? Simply because they are our country’s future.

So, I am hoping that Vincentians look at what both parties are offering in terms of our children’s education. Remember the young people of St Vincent and the Grenadines can voice their opinions and they are the ones that will decide which political party that has the best opportunity for them when dealing with their education.

The NDP did and the ULP continues to develop this country’s education system. The NDP did a remarkable thing when they introduced the shift system in schools. Anyone who says the NDP did nothing for education, that’s just being dishonest. For example, Mr Saboto Caesar was a part of the shift system when he was a student under the NDP government. The results are impeccable. So one must not condemn the NDP, because they tried.

Madam Editor, the ULP had their youth convention last Sunday, May 25, 2015. I was very disappointed with the presentation made by those young persons who spoke in terms of the party’s policies.

Mr Luke Browne is an educated young man, but he failed to deliver. He failed to tell us where we came from, where we are currently and where are should be going in the future, in terms of development. Why? Simply because we need to be informed about that.

The youths of ULP seem not to be noticing what’s being done by politicians, sideshows and the praising of Dr Gonsalves. For what? I don’t know!

What Dr Gonsalves did or is doing for the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines is his job; he isn’t doing us any favours, so I’m not expecting anything less from him. So, I am asking Vincentians to put the country first, demand that today’s politicians deliver, remember they are not doing us any favours, it’s their job to deliver. St Vincent and the Grenadines must come first at all times; that’s why we must decide where we wanna go in the future. Country before party.

Kingsley Defreitas