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Do more to safeguard our children!


Editor: See how lovely they look, dressed neatly in their uniforms! How precious they are! But are we doing enough to protect our treasured young children? Often, parents send their children to a primary school that is out of the area where they live, while a primary school may be in their own village. We respect parents’ choice as to where they wish to school their children.{{more}} However, I say to those parents: “Please make sure that there is someone responsible enough look after your children especially when they are walking in lonely areas on their way to and from school.”

Why should we have our little five to eight-year-old children walking alone in isolated areas? Further, to have an eight-year-old looking after his or her younger brother or sister on the road, travelling long distances in lonely areas, is certainly NOT safe. Such children NEED transportation or some mature person looking after them on the road. The world is very cruel! Recent cases of rape and assaults show that as parents, we NEED to do more to safeguard our children, especially our young children. Since we love our children, parents, do ALL you can to protect your children.