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Does Christianity involve Humanism?


Editor: Humanism is defined as a system of thought that focuses on humans and their values, capacities, and worth and is concerned with the interests, needs, and welfare of humans. The question that needs to be asked is: does Christianity involve Humanism?

Looking at the definition of Humanism, it would be naïve to think that Humanism is wrong and that it should not be part of Christianity.{{more}} Our blessed LORD, the head of Christianity and whose example we ought to follow, was involved in humanism.

He fed the hungry, clothed the naked, gave sight to the blind and the many miracles he did could be classified as elements of Humanism. The Good Samaritan who had compassion on the traveller who was beaten and left half dead was also involved in HUMANISM.

Christianity is not just about reaching others with the gospel, but reaching the total man. This would involve doing good to people in many areas. Christianity involves caring for others and showing interest in their needs and welfare.

To take out Humanism out of Christianity is to make the work of Christ and his teachings a mockery. We should, as Christians, demonstrate love for one another. As Christians, we ought to be concerned with the needs of those less fortunate. As a matter of fact, the church has a responsibility to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and be caring to one another. This is what the master expects us as Christians to do.

Secular Humanism, on the other hand, is an outlook or philosophy that advocates human rather than religious values. This we recognize does not form part of Christianity. In secular Humanism persons are exalted rather than God. This practice should never be embraced by Christians.

It is naïve that we make an issue with Humanism as though it is not part of Christianity, since the blessed LORD himself was involved in doing good, which is part of Humanism? Then, who are we to condemn Humanism. Instead we should, as a people, do good to one another. In doing so, we are involved in Humanism without us realizing it.

Let us seek to love and to look for one another, as Christ would have done. We, as a people, have a responsibility to be involved in Humanism. Since we are indeed a Christian nation, then by all means we cannot divorce Humanism from Christianity.

Kennard King