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You get the government you deserve


Editor: A patriot is one who loves his country, but not necessarily his current government.

Ben Franklin said that every country gets the government it deserves; St Vincent and the Grenadines has the government it deserves and will have the government it deserves after the next election, and forever into the future.{{more}}

Do you find the current political parties to your liking, and did you seek to offer yourself as a candidate? No? Because

you and your family might be embarrassed by revelations that could expose your heretofore concealed sexual

peccadilloes, or business dealings that had some questionable legal entanglements? Or was it just laziness or moral laxness?

So then, you don’t think much of those that are running, and even less of the choice that the existing parties offer. You could start your own. Why not?

In the end, you, personally, are responsible for the result of the impending election between the existing political parties. The government which you, by default or otherwise, have selected, is yours.

Whether you sit at home and, as my mother would say, “piss and moan”, or whether you vote for the lesser of the evils you perceive as being offered, or whether you just sit with your thumb up your ***, you have just chosen your government. You have got what you deserved. St Vincent and the Grenadines has now, and will have forever, the government it deserves. You’re welcome.