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NDP needs changes to be successful


Editor: I am a supporter of the NDP and I’m hoping that they win the next general election. But from what I heard at their meeting at Sion Hill, I am wondering what are their plans for our future?

I am asking this because it was unclear what are their plans for the future at their meeting. The NDP should get rid of Mr Allan Cruickshank who is the general secretary of the NDP. He opened the meeting with a prayer; it was the worst thing I ever heard to represent a prayer. {{more}}It was generally displeasing and very disgraceful. The question one must ask is what is Mr Cruickshank doing for the NDP? The majority of Vincentians see Mr Cruickshank as, in simple terms, “a waste of time!”

When one does a comparison of the general secretaries of the ULP and NDP, the ULP is miles ahead. I am hoping that Mr Eustace listens to what is being said by the members of his party, and observes the behaviour. Mr Allan Cruickshank should be terminated.

As the meeting at Sion Hill progressed, the second person who addressed the crowd was Nick Francis. When one looks at him, his image is poor and that says a lot. I don’t think he has any trace of being a positive influence on the youths of St Vincent and the Grenadines. So, I’m hoping that the NDP finds someone else to appeal to the youths, because when one compares the person who speaks for both parties on behalf of young people I must say that the ULP is more appealing to the younger generation.

Mr Lynch of blessed memory did an excellent job as the Master of Ceremonies for the NDP. He has been replaced by Mr Bert Francois. Mr Francois needs to realize that being on radio is completely different to being a Master of Ceremonies. I am certain I can do a better job than Mr Francois, but the NDP will not find favour with me because I stand for principle.

The elected parliamentarian for South Leeward is Mr Nigel St Clair Stephenson. He made a presentation at the meeting that I found to be shameful. It is time for the people of South Leeward to make a change. Mr Jomo Thomas is well rounded and he is eligible; he will definitely do a much better job. The NDP talks about the success of the meeting at Sion Hill. From what I saw, the turn out was very good, but the content was very poor.

Terrance Ollivierre, Nature Stephenson, Ben Exeter, Patel Matthews, all need to understand that Vincentians are looking for quality when they speak on behalf of the NDP. They failed to deliver at the meeting at Sion Hill.

What should we say about Mr Leacock? Frightening is the word that best fits. Mr Leacock said he is ‘the Major,’ but it’s time for him to prove to us that he is ‘the Major’ because he displays no evidence of being any sort of major. Mr Leacock needs to forget about the sideshows, because politics is about seriousness.

Dr Lewis appears to be consumed about Camillo Gonsalves. Doc, if you gonna be successful, the people of East St George must be your interest in order to win the seat for the NDP. Dr Lewis, a member of the NDP told me that they prefer to lose than win with you. So, you need to make a remarkable presentation if you desire to win. It’s very clear that there is some bickering among the NDP ranks. I am wondering what Dr Ferdinand thinks about Mr Cruickshank?

Where was Senator Vinny Frederick and why did she not make a presentation at the meeting?

Mr Patel Matthews said that the team the NDP is offering is the best team; no wonder Mr Leacock said this is the new NDP.

A question that I’ve been asking myself for a while now, is: ‘Why is Sir James being sidelined?’

Take a close look at how Dr Gonsalves embraced Sir Vincent; while that embrace is disguised in politics, it’s all good.

Mr John Horne, Louis Jones, Burton Williams, Parnell Campbell QC and Jerry Scott are all parliamentarians in the past who served with diligence. How could one say that these men did not deliver?

I give respect where it is earned, and these men earned my respect.

Politics is a very delicate issue and we all share different opinions. Regardless to which party one supports, we must put the country’s needs first.

I am hoping my opinion is heard and isn’t taken out of context, as I am not attacking any political individual. Some changes are needed in the NDP and success shall follow.

Kingsley DeFreitas