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Do we appreciate God’s gift?


Editor: If you ask most people the question: “If the true God give you a gift, how will you treat it?” More than likely they will say: “I’ll cherish that gift! I’ll never want that gift to get damaged in any way!” God has given us a precious gift, the Earth. Psalm 115:16. Isaiah 45:18. Yet how do many of us treat that gift? The things we do show that we really do not appreciate it. We throw garbage anywhere — backyard, front, over banks etc. We dash waste paper out of minibuses while traveling.{{more}} Children then copy the example of parents and other adults, littering the surroundings, including their own classrooms and so forth. Many of us do not care one bit! How God is hurt when he sees the gift that he has given us being abused! Can we, as individuals, and as a group, make a turn around for the better? Can we change from being sloppy and careless in our mentality/attitude? Making proper use of garbage bins and disposing of garbage properly will enhance our health and promote a more decent, clean environment.

It will also show that we are in agreement with the true God who purposes to make the Earth a beautiful Paradise that will last forever. Ecclesiastes 1:4; Psalms 37:9 – 11, 29. Yes, righteous /meek ones will be able to enjoy such, free of pollution or any other problem. Matthew 5:5; Revelation 21:3, 4. So how wise it really is when we show our deep appreciation for God’s wonderful, special gift to us, our beautiful Earth.

Be clean!

Annie Jackson