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Congratulations to Searchlight on reaching 20th birthday


Editor: Congratulations to this newspaper on the attainment of its 20th anniversary last month.

The presence of the Searchlight staff at the Arnos Vale Covenant Assembly in their Sunday finery for the purpose of fellowship with this country’s newest religious denomination was indeed gratifying as it was timely.{{more}}

Twenty years ago, the Searchlight newspaper, pioneered by some distinguished Vincentians, led by the late Norma Keizer of venerable memory, Sebastian “Bassy” Alexander, Dr Adrian Fraser, Renwick Rose et al, came into the world of journalism to provide a sense of balance, to lift the standard of newspaper publication, to enhance the image of Vincentian journalism and ultimately to forge links with the Vincentian community.

I am almost certain that the other media houses are inclined to show fraternal solidarity, demonstrate respect and appreciation to their little sister on her historic achievement. After all, to achieve 20 years of successful business operation is no easy feat in the face of tough economic challenges, stiff hurdles to overcome and the headache of satisfying the demands of consumers – the reading public.

In its 20 years of existence, the Searchlight newspaper has demonstrated its capacity to weigh issues critically and forthrightly. Journalism of this nature reflects a level of maturity and fairness to all. A very significant component of this newspaper is the education page which aims to help youngsters keep check with their academic learning.

In conclusion, it would be remiss of this writer, if I did not mention the high quality of the editorial content — graceful, full of flair and a wealth of local and regional information and genuinely unbiased! Like the other two weekly newspapers, the reading public expects the Searchlight to serve many generations ahead.

Patmos Richards