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New rules at Customs


Editor: Once upon a time, one needed all sorts of documentation to clear a vehicle through Customs. Now that one does not, you will be delighted to see my new Lamborghini on the streets of St Vincent shortly. The ruts and holes in the street offer a hazard to the undercarriage, but that’s alright—I’ll just bring in another new one now that the customs and tariffs are so accommodating.{{more}} My drug profits make this no problem (not to mention my political connections). Hey, it’s the new rules: what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

I may have paid more than US$200,000 for this vehicle, but I am comfortable in declaring a “sight bill” for EC$ 25,000; what, you want paperwork for invoices, freight, etc — not required. Listen up. There are new rules. There’s a dent on the back bumper and a scrape on the door handle. Hey, this car is barely worth what I’m declaring. Just ask my friend at Customs—he’s had a similar situation.

Be nice to me and I’ll give you ride, which is more than my friend will do for you!


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