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Gangs, what do they hope to achieve?


Editor: Gangs are rapidly becoming a form of employment in the world of school drop-outs and the mentally handicapped.

Strange to mention that they do not act alone and they are never alone. They have their support in others who are just as low in mind and twisted in thought and deeds, just like them.{{more}}

It is ludicrous when one notes the confidence and trust that are put in these so-called leaders, individuals who never see the need to frequent places where they would have learned right from wrong.

Greed is at the root of their maturation. Greed fuelled by their wicked reasoning and their thoughts. Many tend to blame Satan for their wrong actions, that is why the wicked spirit, at times, cries, some people seem to think, because these ones are always blaming him. The Bible seeks to clarify this, as in its pages it says that the hearts of men, women and children are desperately wicked and this is hard to tell. People are the image of an all wise, very loving and caring creator. Why do they see the need to resort to actions that are geared to destroy instead of building up?

How could they be using and enjoying things stolen from people they are looking at daily? Don’t they have any shame?

What about their conscience? Animals are not possessed with such; yet at times some make very intelligent decisions based on their action. What is wrong with some humans; are they too depraved to be doing so?

Why are those who are privy to such wrongdoings upholding them and maintaining their silence?

Wrong acts never result in happiness and if we do not have a healthy fear of our creator, we will never do the things that will result in true happiness.

The work of those who uphold the law could be easier with the exclusion of GANGS. They should use any means available and vigorously work towards eradicating GANGS in all its forms. GANG MEMBERS seek to steal, to maim and to kill. Their goals should not be allowed to be realized. GANGS should be nipped speedily and vigorously in the bud, thereby preventing them from escalating into bigger things like ISIS and Al Queda.

So Concerned