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Congrats to Troumaca


Editor: I take this opportunity to publicly express my congratulations to the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School on winning this year’s Secondary School Cricket Competition. Mr Orlando Charles and team are worthy of much praise. Well done, guys, and continue to make us proud.{{more}}

I sincerely hope that we would see players selected from this team to represent SVG in the under-19 cricket team. This school continues to be one of the leading rural secondary schools. Over the years, it has produced many good public speakers and also sporting and cultural personalities. The academic performance has also been good. Keep it up TOSS.

We know that it seems like we are in the dry season. As a result, the grass is becoming dry. With this in mind, I would like to send a message to those who take pleasure in setting bush fires to desist from doing so if you have started and don’t start any bush fire if you have not started.

While to some it may seem a sport to light bushes, it can be a very dangerous practice. Already in North Leeward, we have seen in a couple days, two bush fires along the road and on a playing field.

When the bush is lit, it weakens the soil and can cause erosion. The grass helps to bind the soil, but when it is removed, it exposes and weakens the soil. This would naturally be dangerous, since there would be soil erosion.

In the case of the one above the red dirt and below the prison at Belle Isle, the soil on the edge of the road is now exposed, as a result of the lighting of the grass along the edge of that road. What could likely happen is an erosion of the edge of the road, which could cause danger in the road, as the road would be undermined.

The unfortunate thing is that many times it is hard to know who has done it. I would say that if a person is caught lighting the bush fire he/she should be severely punished. After all, SVG belongs to all of us. Thus, let us take care of our country and feel proud of it.

Kennard King