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Abuse against women will always be present amongst us


Editor: Abuse against women will always be present amongst us, despite whatever actions and legislations. This is indeed a horrible crime which many times is not dealt with and the victims are oftentimes unwilling to talk about it.{{more}}

In most cases, the men are seen as the perpetrators, and seldom do we hear of women being the perpetrators. A close investigation would reveal that many children and adults have been victims of abuse. In some cases, mothers have been guilty of abusing their children. For we know that there are various kinds of abuse, such as verbal, physical, sexual and even emotional and social abuse.

When mothers speak ill things to their children, that is a form of verbal abuse. It is rather sad when ladies abuse other ladies simply over a boyfriend or husband. Thus, women contribute a lot to abuse against women.

When a lady has been abused sexually, it can cause a problem in a relationship. The husband may not know his partner’s history in that respect, since many ladies are afraid to talk because of the emotional pain and the feeling of hurt. So, a man marries a lovely lady, but in time he experiences that his wife is withdrawn sexually or does not trust him; she can also act in a domineering manner and not be submissive, but instead is controlling. This can be seen by many men, as the wife has not been willing to submit. But he may not realize that his wife has an insecurity problem and low self-esteem. Thus, since there is a lack of knowledge on the husband’s part, in spite of his willingness to forgive and endure, there may come a time when he becomes fed up and it can lead to unfaithfulness.

Of course, more can be said in that area, but when a female has been abused, it can lead the young lady to become a prostitute. It can give rise to teenage pregnancy. It can also lead to suicide, since in most cases the girl is afraid to talk and suffers in silence. There is also the case where the mother is aware, but for financial security and other reasons, she hides it. The poor girl is now defenseless and continues to be sexually abused. The girl later develops a hatred for both mom and the man who took advantage of her. She then reaches to a point in her life where she does not trust anyone and for her she is worth nothing. She may one day resort to suicide as she sees no hope and considers herself a failure and thinks that it is useless being alive since she has no one to trust and she considers herself to be at fault and useless.

Of course, more can be said on this very important subject. Let me encourage women to trust their partners. I strongly recommend that ladies seek not only professional help, but seek Christ if they have been victims of abuse. For in the end, if ladies fail to do so, we would have a generation that is ill-disciplined and lack the parental guidance. Prayer can change things. Trust in the Almighty and a life committed to him can heal in its own time all wounds.

Let me also encourage the men to desist from abuse to women and also as men let us be more patient and understanding with our partners. For we never know what they went through as a child. If we truly love our partners, then as the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13: 4, “Love is patient.”

Kennard King