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Dr Gonsalves tried, but not hard enough


Editor: In 2001, Dr Gonsalves came and asked for the opportunity to be our Prime Minister. Vincentians took to him and they gave him the chance to be Prime Minister.

Did he deliver? Yes, he did.

Housing, education revolution, the decline in poverty levels, the strengthening of our foreign policy and the construction of the international airport at Argyle.{{more}} While we should say thanks for all these accomplishments, he is not doing us any favours; he is simply doing his job. I will not support any one in the NDP who keeps saying Dr Gonsalves did nothing, because that will be dishonest.

Some may say that I criticize Dr Gonsalves a lot, but I also point out his achievements. Some may ask why I always say it’s time for a change from Dr Gonsalves as Prime Minister. Sir James Mitchell became complacent on the job.

After three terms, politicians begin to think they own the country, and I am afraid that Dr Gonsalves is beginning to exhibit that behaviour.

The ULP, as a team, should take credit for what they accomplished. It all comes down to the Prime Minister: “I did this, I did that; development is because of me; only I can build an international airport; I have what it takes to get money; if you want development, vote ULP because I am the leader.” It’s all about The Comrade.

Keep in mind, this is not an attack on the Prime Minister, it is just observation and my opinion, to which we are all entitled.

This country belongs to us; Vincentians expect more from politicians; Vincentians are demanding more, so Dr Gonsalves, stop selling yourself as the “I man I”!

I believe some Vincentians will reward you your seat in the next general election, but as Prime Minister, we had enough. Dr Gonsalves, this country strives on democracy.

Doc, I noticed that there are new members in the ULP: Jimmy Prince, Carlos James, Camillo Gonsalves and Jomo Thomas. Besides Jomo Thomas, who is late in his political career, which one of these candidates will challenge you when something doesn’t sit well with them?

Some questions for the Prime Minister: What else do you bring to the table? There is a decline occurring in the agriculture and tourism sectors; what are you doing to help?

What is your plan for the private sector which is crying for help? Unemployment and underemployment are plaguing our country; what is your plan to get rid of these issues?

Let me remind the people of St Vincent that Dr Gonsalves tried, but he did not try hard enough and that is why this country needs a change of leadership and I think the change is Mr Eustace and his NDP team. As Vincentians, it’s our given right to ensure the safety and growth of our country. Politicians must always remember that they are placed in those positions by the people to serve the people.

We must put our country first. Let’s not allow petty rivalry to get between development.

Kingsley DeFreitas