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Ralph Gonsalves is a godsend


Editor: Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP are godsends to this country of ours. Of course he is not perfect or sinless. None of us are perfect and sinless. He is no God and I am certain that he will be willing to confess that he is not a god.

Before the coming of Ralph and the ULP to power, we were the poorest country in the Caribbean after Haiti. Our salaries were amongst the smallest. The starting salary of a teacher today is what a headteacher used to receive.{{more}} Salaries in general have risen over the last 14 years, thanks to Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP. Dirt poor poverty has fallen from about 27 per cent to under 10 per cent. Public Assistance has risen from $60 to $220, thanks to Ralph.

Education has advanced in many areas. Today, once a person is admitted into university he/she can be assured of assistance either through scholarship or disadvantaged student loan. This is the best way out of poverty. Ralph took the nursing profession from a state where there was a shortage of nurses to one where nurses are employed in other countries and locally. SVG was practically unknown, but today is well known. Thanks to Ralphie.

We were told by previous administrations that it was impossible to build a bridge over the Rabacca Dry River, but thanks to Ralph Gonsalves the impossible became possible. Policemen and civil servants can now own their home easily, through the 100 per cent mortgage. Unlike previously, a person had to have a security plus deposit. Thanks to Ralph.

The list can go on and on. Schools, clinics and police stations were upgraded. Thanks to Ralphie. There are more talk shows today, as against 14 years ago. Democracy is more evident now than previously. The homes for the elderly and the home helpers programmes are a plus. Once again, thanks to Ralphie. Let’s not forget the Argyle international airport. A previous Prime Minister had the money in his pocket, yet we did not get it and the famous want to be Prime Minister said of the airport under construction that he will not be able to find money to finish it should he become Prime Minister again. Ralphie has found the money and continues to find it. We would see the completion and operation of the airport. Thanks to Ralph.

I am sure that half has not been told. So regardless to which party you support, once you are honest enough, you would agree with me that RALPH GONSALVES and the ULP are godsends to this blessed land of ours. It would be a shame if Vincentians become ungrateful and vote out ULP. Ralph Gonsalves we love you and thank God for you. God bless you.

A Patriotic Vincentian