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The philosophy of our Lord Jesus Christ


Editor: Paul instructed the believers in the Lycus Valley at Colossese to keep away from man-made philosophy (Colossian 2:8). In his instruction to those early Christians, Paul told them that the only philosophy to accept is that of Christ.

Philosophy means the love of wisdom and wisdom is to understand what is true, right and lasting: wisdom is common sense and right judgment-education. {{more}}Teaching or doctrine is implied here for philosophy. There was man-made doctrine creeping into the church and Paul asked that a stoplight be placed on them. It is important today that true Christians become philosophical conscious, so that we can distinguish between man-made philosophy and that of Christ. The philosophy of Christ is the kingdom of God – the establishment and enforcement of God’s righteous principles on earth as in heaven.

Man has attempted to find out by his own intellect and research those things that can only be known by divine revelation, hence the information of religions and political systems. It is characteristic of the liberals and theologians of our day with boasted intellectualism and rationalism. Empty deceit, in Paul’s words, referred to the false

and valueless teaching of those who profess to offer secret truth to an inner circle of people. There is really nothing in the philosophies in many of the man-made religions in our world today, but a following catering to man’s curiosity.

The philosophy of man are all the man-made religions and political system of this world — capitalism, communism, Islamism, you name them. They shall be replaced by the kingdom (government) of God sooner, rather than later.

To be continued.

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