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Opposition Leader, making believe


Editor: It is clear to see that the Leader of the NDP and a handful of his supporters in his executive are making a pappy show of themselves to feel that they have anything to do with the outcome of the election in St Kitts.{{more}}

The reality is, the now Prime Minister Timothy Harris was a member of the outgoing Prime Minister’s Denzil Douglas’ party. What motivated him to break away from the St Kitts Labour Party is anyone’s guess; so, whether the former prime minister was hungry for power or failed to resolve the leadership issue, he lost.

The situation is, Prime Minister Harris has to deal with the leader of the three parties of which he is Prime Minister; only time will tell.

Here in SVG, it is a different kettle of fish and cannot be confused with what happened over there, why? Our Prime Minister is seeking a fourth term in office and from all indications, his help for young people to gain access to secondary schools and the guarantee of loans for them to get a university education, the No/Low income housing project, the replacement of houses for persons in North Leeward, the international airport, to name a few, is a hard act to follow.

You are not facing an uphill task; you are facing your fourth defeat, which will go down in history. What do you have to offer? One thousand acres of bananas, paying for students to write CXC exams, one person per household employed have to be a joke; herein lies your problem. So, unless you are from a different planet and suffering from amnesia, you and your party are only making believe.

Randolph Farrell