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Senator Luke Browne — New man of the hour for East Kingstown


Editor: Please allow me the space in your newspaper to share this very important viewpoint.

Arnhim Eustace, the sitting Opposition Leader for 14 years, who has failed on all counts to form Government after being given the opportunity (gold on a platter) by former prime minister Sir James Mitchell, has shown himself to be the perfect definition of failure and poor leadership.{{more}}

To me, Mr Eustace does not understand the meaning and purpose of being the Opposition Leader. He is what I call a critic-opposition-leader, in other words, he criticizes everything and everyone who is in government, yet fails to oppose the necessary things.

I honestly think in all fairness, and with the trend of leadership in this 21st century, the track record of the ULP government of Ralph Gonsalves of 14 years with the track record of outstanding accomplishments in all aspects of the Vincentian life, Senator Luke Browne should be given a chance to lead. The biblical principal is let no man despise thy youth. Elijah passed down the mantel to Elisha, Paul to Timothy, Philemon, John Mark, Eli to Samuel, Saul to David, David to Solomon, young Josiah was called at age seven, and after 14 years of failure of the Opposition Leader to form government for three terms of election in a constituency he represents, fairness at his age should be “here comes Luke.”

Luke is young, a national scholar of St Vincent and the Grenadines and a Rhodes scholar. He identifies with the education revolution, road revolution, housing revolution, stability within the civil service, no laying off of workers, increased employment; he understands the importance of small jobs, the need for entrepreneurship, taking care of the elderly, the fight to lower crime and violence, he is against discrimination and injustice, which has revolutionized our island St Vincent and the Grenadines; he understands the economy of the world, the Caribbean region, and St Vincent and the Grenadines, as a 21st century economist, he is a scholarly writer for his field.

The young man is naturally brilliant, a very good role model and mentor, a strong motivator, not only for East Kingstown or SVG, but for the CARICOM. Senator Luke sees those older than him as his grandfather/ grandmother, as his father/ mother, big brother/big sister and for his peers and younger, he sees himself as a servant to his young brothers and sisters and is willing to lead.

Senator Luke is the ideal leader for his constituency. As I visit his constituency, I recognize a significant percentage of the population of his constituency are business people, CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs. A significant percentage are champions in the fields of academics. I’m not saying for one moment that the other constituencies lack these qualities and people of high stature. I’m saying that our Opposition Leader, who was Prime Minister of five months, has won the seat in three elections, but has failed drastically.

Senator Browne, being a young, vibrant, energetic, intelligent, proactive and a deep thinker, who clearly understands the economy of the world and our nation, given this opportunity, would bring with him fresh ideas and new energy, a young man of backbone and guts, who would refresh the ideas that have been dormant in his constituency under the leadership of opposition leader Arnhim Eustace for 14 years.

This youth who is dedicated and committed to serve, will push himself for the next 20 years and more to prove himself and to make the East Kingstown constituency the number one constituency. Senator Browne knows clearly from his experience of observing how the Opposition Leader is leading and operating that, given this opportunity, if he does not deliver that he would be recalled. Senator Browne is one who surrounds himself with experienced people; he listens well; he is willing to learn, operates with common sense and the other qualities of leadership that he is exposed to every day.

It all augurs well for our country and for the East Kingstown constituency to let the light of this brilliant young leader shine forth, like a candle on the hilltop. Luke is the man, regardless of which party one supports, Luke is the man for the hour, the leader for the 21st century. Let us give him this opportunity, let us give him this privilege to lead. Let us give him our vote of confidence when we go to the polls, whenever the Comrade rings the bell. Yes, we can make it possible. Keep the fire burning.

Caspar Williams