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Standing in support of the Venezuelan Government


The Resistance Heartbeat Drummers opposes in the strongest possible manner the clandestine efforts by reactionary forces inside and outside of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to overthrow the democratically and constitutionally elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.{{more}}

The Venezuelan people have already made their choice. Most of them are in full support of President Nicolas Maduro and the government. That choice MUST be respected!

Anyone who conspires to circumvent the democratic process in Venezuela by staging a coup and committing acts of violence, vandalism and terrorism must be denounced, isolated and brought to justice.

The “silent embargo” orchestrated by the United States to create chaos, starve the people into submission and destabilize the government must be stopped. The interference into the internal affairs of Venezuela must be stopped.

A crisis is being manufactured by the international right wing media to portray President Maduro and his government as repressive. The facts are that reactionary elements, who have already been rejected by the majority of Venezuelans, are financing, promoting and perpetrating various criminal activities to sabotage the progressive works started by late President Hugo Chavez and continued by President Maduro.

Venezuela has been and continues to be a good friend to the people of the Caribbean, Latin America and the world. Many of us have benefitted from the generous internationalist spirit exhibited by President Hugo Chavez and President Nicolas Maduro.

Let us join our voices and echo a resounding NOOOOOO to those negative forces aiming to turn back gains of the Venezuelan people.

Let us give our fullest support to the duly democratically and constitutionally elected government of Venezuela. Viva La Republica Bolivarian De Venezuela! (contributed by the Resistance Heartbeat Drummers)