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Shame, shame, shame on Elson Crick


Editor: I am absolutely appalled by Elson Crick’s attempt to assassinate Kate Kelly’s character by disclosing her personal information to the public on national radio that was also broadcast internationally on the Internet for the entire world to hear it.{{more}}

What Elson Crick essentially did is the unhealthy norm in St Vincent and the Grenadines, to rip victims of rape apart when they tell their stories. This is done to shame the victims and deter them from coming forward to face their accusers. This behavior by Elson Crick, a top official and representative of the government, is not only egregiously insensitive, it is a downright disgrace and this warrants the resignation of Mr Crick from his position.

Mr Crick, are you also going to call me a liar too? Are you going to pull my passport information? Are you going to seek to destroy my character for speaking out on this matter? It is not unusual for a woman who has suffered shame to change her name. This is totally normal. It is not unusual for a woman who was raped and abused to want desperately to escape from the place that caused her trauma. These behaviors are totally normal, but ignorance on your part will cause you to question the behavior and victimize the victim over and over. You did not just victimize her, you gave the entire nation a licence to do so.

Mr Crick, like Kate, I too wanted desperately to escape. I was a runner from St Vincent. My running caused me to marry a man I did not love, just to get out of St Vincent. I paid a huge price, but I accept full responsibility. As an almost rape victim, I grew up with people in Vermont who taunted me, the same way you just nationally and internationally taunted Kate.

These people like you treated me like I was the criminal and my attempted rapist was a hero. There was one guy who was accused of robbing my father and hastening his death, who taunted me everlastingly and laughed to his full contentment.

I understand what it is like to be treated like a criminal as a rape victim. Mr Crick, I don’t know if you have daughters, but for their sake and even your mother’s sake, I encourage you to seek mental health counseling because the behavior that you just demonstrated on national radio is far from normal.

Do you understand the scars that a woman can incur from this sort of experience? Mr Crick, I could never truly love anyone until recently because there cannot be love without trust. An individual must feel safe to let someone in totally. I was unable to do that, but now, thank God, I am free and I have resolved to become the Harriet Tubman that would free others like me.

What you did to Kate Kelly on national radio is shameful and despicable. By doing so, you attempted and may have succeeded in silencing other women who are continuously raped. Women can only reclaim their freedom from rape by speaking out against it. You, sir, have deliberately attempted to stop women from speaking out against this heinous terror and for that you should resign or be fired by the Prime Minister. Your behavior cannot be deemed acceptable by any standard

Helena R Edwards


Save Our Sisters (SOS),Inc