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Passing the Mantle


Editor: Age is still honour. Fifty years ago, while I resided at Sion Hill, “church” arrived at my door and although my siblings and I attended the St George’s Cathedral where we were all christened, we were delighted to attend bible studies and evening services with the Huismans.{{more}}

They were the missionaries who had arrived from Holland to usher in The Streams of Power Movement. They were rather warm and not only did they make a natural connection with my family but also with the people of Sion Hill and suburbs.

The elderly Father Huisman and his wife were accompanied by son Brother Hank Huisman and his wife Sister Rena Huisman and their two children. Later we saw the arrival of another Huisman born here in St Vincent. There was also the musician Bro John who played the piano and the accordion. Rena at times played the accordion. They like Miss Maries, also had taken the bold plunge of travelling into unchartered waters to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. A remarkable act of faith — masterminded by the Master Compass.

Today, as the Streams of Power celebrate 50 years of service we remember the Huismans – Ministers of God. May God continue to watch over them. Pastor Errol Daniel and wife Sister Carmelita Daniel and sons have kept the church doors open over the years. We give thanks. Also celebrating is the New Testament Church of God which has successfully covered 75 years of Ministry. To Pastor Juliet Samuel and husband Pastor Samuel we give thanks. People need the Lord. One day we shall stand before a just judge to get our rewards. I along with the generations who were served wish these pastors and their families God’s blessings accordingly as they have passed on the mantle as did the Huismans.

Nehemiah 13:22 … Remember me O my God, concerning this also and spare me according to the greatness of Thy mercy.

Ps. 18:46-50

Sonja P. Israel