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Mr Beache, three years of reading seems to have done wonders


Editor: Kindly permit me space to make a short comment on an item that appeared in your issue of March 27, “Some people need to read more in relation to tourism”. The news item was based on a press conference held by the SVGTA CEO Glen Beache. Actually I found his call for some people to read more in relation to tourism quite amusing. All I want to do here is to remind my friend Mr Beache about his confession, as I care to call it that appeared in this paper on December 5, 2014.{{more}}

After stating that airlines do not want to take all the risks, he goes on to say, “That’s going to be a sticking point. This has been an eye opener for me. I mean marketing is my ‘forte’ but the airlines industry has so many intricacies. Are we going to waive the apron fees? Are we going to waive the landing fees? Are the crew members going to be able to stay free overnight? Are we going to take up that cost or are the airlines going to take up that cost?”

He also made an earth shattering statement that airlines will not come here unless they can make a profit.

These precious words were stated at a press conference in early December, 2014, three years after he had been negotiating with airlines to come to SVG. He suddenly had an eye opener! I guess he started reading more about airlines then, so is much more aware of the intricacies.

Congrats Mr Beache, three years of reading really did wonders!

Adrian Fraser