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Did the Unity Labour Party deliver on its promises?


Editor: Some Vincentians are celebrating the ULP’s 14 years in government. The question is, should we be celebrating and what should we be celebrating? Those who support the ULP would say a lot, but the NDP supporters will say nothing. There are some achievements to be mentioned: low income houses, strengthening our foreign policy, increase of salaries, the building of an international airport.{{more}}

I am looking out for those Vincentians who say they own the Government. While they are celebrating, the majority of Vincentians are finding it extremely difficult to make ends meet. Dr Gonsalves always boasts about the ULP’s achievements. Sometimes he gives the impression that the improvements started with the ULP and we all know that’s far from the truth. The construction of both primary and secondary schools, the Cruise Ship Terminal, the Vegetable Market and many more, took place under the watch of the NDP. The foundation was laid by the NDP so when the ULP boasts, they must inform us about the infrastructure that they met. The ULP promised us so many things when they were in opposition now they are in power Vincentians are expecting more. Did they deliver the demands? No!

Let’s look at why Vincentians are disappointed with the ULP: losing the National Commercial Bank; the decline in fishing, tourism and agriculture and the offshore sector; lack of transparency at the NIS; bad roads; no growth in the economy; the increase of crime and criminal activities; unemployment and the terrible fear of politicians who look to seek out your homes when it is election time. Should Vincentians celebrate these failures?

Look at the way that they dealt with Maxwell Charles, Michelle Fife and Kirk DaSilva. Should we celebrate that? Senator Francis stated that they gave way but I don’t think that is true. After listening to one of the candidates, I came to the conclusion that he was forced out.

Should the people of Mesopotamia celebrate Jimmy Prince instead of Kirk DaSilva? Which one of the main candidates is willing to challenge Dr Gonsalves? Look and pay close attention to all of them and ask yourself this question “Which one?” Only Camillo! This is because he is Dr Gonsalves in the making!

One day we will all celebrate when Camillo becomes the leader of what’s left of the ULP. Should Vincentians celebrate that?

The sidelining of Mr Saboto Caesar — should we celebrate that? If one pays close attention to Dr. Gonsalves he always gets his way.

Why should we settle for what Dr Gonsalves thinks we should settle with? This country belongs to all Vincentians, not Dr Gonsalves and his ULP supporters. When I first met Dr Gonsalves, his intentions were good, but today I’m disappointed with him.

When I listen to most Vincentians, they expect more, but sometimes I wonder if Dr Gonsalves remembers poor poverty stricken Vincentians who can’t celebrate.

Kingsley DeFreitas