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Crick discredited himself as a leader in our society


Editor: I am saddened that a big, strong Vincentian man could have been drawn into that low carrionistic exercise, to pursue the destruction of the character of a weak battered Vincentian woman who is appealing for redress to the injustices perpetrated against her for an extended period of her life. She needs our positive help. If we abandon her, shame on us all!{{more}}

Not only has Elson Crick discredited himself as a leader in our society and quite likely also embarrassed his family considering the high profile he enjoys in the area of sport etc. But because he holds the important position of Communications Consultant to the Prime Minister of SVG he has also tainted the Prime Minister himself and by extension the entire Cabinet at a time when they are in fact having serious negative reviews and a noticeable falling away of the confidence of the people in them.

I had expected that an official apology would have been forthcoming on the “Shake Up” programme of Thursday March 26, but I was disappointed.

It is quite likely that our law courts may soon be called on to determine whether the constitutional rights of the battered but brave Vincentian woman were violated.

In the meantime many Vincentians consider Mr Crick’s behaviour to be less than honourable.

Leroy Providence