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Return of Sir Louis is ULP’s biggest mistake


Editor: There is never a dull moment in St Vincent and the Grenadines when it comes to politics. When I heard that Sir Louis Straker is returning to politics as the candidate for Central Leeward for the ULP, I was not surprised. Why? Dr Gonsalves always gets his way.{{more}}

I got the impression from listening to Dr Gonsalves that he was never impressed with Maxwell Charles and that’s why I’m not surprised by the change. Going back to Sir Louis Straker is saying several things: desperation is plaguing the ULP; winning is all they think about; finding a quality candidate for Central Leeward is a challenge; and the ULP thinks that Sir Louis Straker has much influence and maybe that’s why they brought him back.

Going back is something I thought the ULP would have never done, as they always chant “We nah turn back”.

Imagine Dr Gonsalves and the ULP are saying to the people of Central Leeward to try Sir Louis Straker because Maxwell Charles failed to deliver while in office and Dunstan Johnson doesn’t have the quality to be the candidate. The question is what took place in the candidacy selection process? Was it real or fiction? Only the Prime Minister and Senator Francis have the answer.

I am puzzled about how Michele Fife, Kirk DaSilva and Grenville Williams feel about what took place in Central Leeward.

Is democracy alive in the ULP government? The answer to this question lies with Robby Fitz-Patrick. I heard Jomo Thomas, Elson Crick, Edwin Snagg and Senator Francis defending the miraculous return of Sir Louis Straker; while they are doing what is expected of them, they should always remember that the ULP always makes mistakes and this is the biggest mistake. It’s time for Vincentians to decide what is best for them; changing the ULP is what’s best for us.

Imagine a thinker, an intellectual supports the return of Sir Louis Straker. “Oh Lord, how politics can blind us!” Winning is so important to Dr Gonsalves that he brought back Sir Louis Straker and he also selected Mr Jimmy Prince as the candidate for Mesopotamia. Vincentians gave you what you asked for in 2001, but it’s time to go.

Some questions for Sir Louis Straker: Is finding a quality candidate a problem for the ULP? What about retirement; don’t you like it? Is Ben Exeter a threat? Is it because you are confused about Eustace becoming the Prime Minister why you returned? Did the Prime Minister influence you to return to politics? Is it because of the negligence that the people of Central Leeward were facing? Do you think Maxwell Charles should resign from the ULP?

I consider Sir Louis Straker to be my friend, so please take my friendly advice; stay in retirement, don’t make Dr Gonsalves influence you to return. Rejection at the polls will be devastating for you. I never once considered you to be greedy or power hungry. Let Dr Gonsalves take his defeat.

It’s time for a change, Sir Louis; be a part of the change that is coming.

Kingsley Defreitas