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Fools make a mockery of disobeying God


Editor: Satan, in his quest to turn men into rebellion against God, has waged a war against the Ten Commandments. What is puzzling though, is the fact that he wages this war in the name of Christ.{{more}} The majority of Christian evangelists today are embittered against the laws of God. People who try to promote its upkeep are branded as heretics or belonging to a cult. Colossians 2:14 is taken out of context and used to deceive many into turning their ear from hearing the law. (My friends who do this should acquaint themselves with Proverbs 28:9, which says ‘He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.) The text refers to “commandments contained in ordinances.” Verse 17 points to these ordinances as ‘shadow of things to come,” I referred you to some of these earlier. I shall mention a few others; circumcision, which in Paul’s context was contrary to us, prefigures the cutting away of the foreskin of our stony, rebellious hearts and replacing them with hearts of flesh. (Deuteronomy 10:16, Romans 1:29). Circumcision prefigured the new birth of John 3:7. The lamb offered at evening and morning represented Christ, who was later offered on Calvary, once and for all. Hebrews 9:28. The offering of incense foreshadows the prayers of the saints as they ascend to heaven, sweetened by the Holy Spirit’s influence.

Now, let us briefly look at each of the 10 commandments. The first forbids us from having other gods. Why would God take that away? What in that is against us or contrary to us, unless we wish to revel in idolatry? The second forbids such practice. If the context applied here is to forget about the 10 commandments, then we are supposed to profane His name with impunity, as forbidden by the third. There is, therefore, no wonder that in violation of this commandment, many have turned around and slapped God in the face by masquerading the violation in the name of praising God, shouting the name of Jesus repeatedly in vain. This is one of the greatest acts of deception practised today as a form of worship. I am not here saying that people ought not to praise the name of Jesus. There would never come a time when the true worshipper would not have many things to testify of His goodness. The warning in the commandments is against taking the name of God in vain.) I refer to the wanton way in which these so called worshippers show disrespect for His name. Jesus told His disciples not to use vain repetitions whenever they pray. (Matthew 6:7) Jesus had warned His disciples that many would come in His name saying that he was Christ and shall deceive many. I heard one preacher in my church trying to twist it to say that they would say that they are Christ. That is not what Matthew 24:5 says. In other words many shall come preaching about Christ and would deceive many. He further amplified it by saying that many would say unto Him in the day of His coming, Lord have we not prophesied in your name and in your name done many wonderful things; but He said that he would deny having any knowledge of them. Matthew 7:22,23. This commandment forbids us from saying we are Christians when we are not.

The disguised attack on God’s law is not intended to tell people not to obey their parents, as is the matter of the fifth commandment, or to advise people to accept murder as an act of righteousness, or to promote adultery as clean moral living, or to steal or to uphold and spread falsehoods against those around us, or even to be covetous of what does not belong to us. The Devil’s sneak attack is to discredit God as creator of heavens and earth by getting preachers to preach saying that God himself got rid of the Sabbath. By teaching people to disregard the laws of God , our modern day preachers can be held directly responsible for the state of rebellion among our people. If preachers would teach the truth as contained in the Bible, there would be far fewer murders and robberies in the land. I sometimes feel so astounded when some of my friends would try to mock me by saying ‘Why do you – – – tell people not to eat pork, and to worship on your Sabbath? I never knew that the Sabbath was mine to order people to subscribe to it. I did not write the laws of God. He did, and disregarding them is not disregarding – – – nor me. Fools make a mock of disobeying God.

Until next week, be it the will of God, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God. Ask him to remove the veil that is covering you eyes. God does not need you, you need him. He loves you, but will never force your will.