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We are heading for destruction if…


Fri Mar 20, 2015

Editor: There is an old saying that children that are left to themselves will bring their parents to shame and that still holds today. When a nation forgets God, it can and will find itself in serious trouble. When we leave ourselves exposed, there is a lot of room for the devil to make havoc of our lives.{{more}} When I look at some of our young people today and see the road that they are heading without listening to the counsel from the older ones, all I can say is “God help us,” because we really need God’s help.

We have made some mistakes in our lives and we are trying not to let the children make the same mistakes or worse; but are they listening to the advice that they are getting? Oh no! They have the notion that we had our time and this is their time, but our time was different in many ways. First of all, we were not exposed to the kind of things that they are exposed to today. Secondly, we were more obedient to our parents. Those of us who took the licks from our parents sometimes thought it was a bit harsh, but it worked well for us, because it made us better men and women today. Thank God for that.

If the authorities, especially the Ministry of Education, aren’t careful, we would up with a country full of alcoholics and drug addicts. There is a special bar/entertainment centre in Kingstown, where it seems that Friday afternoon is the time for some of our young people to let go themselves and get involved in all kinds of erratic activities. If you pass around that area at certain times, the amount of weed you would smell you would get high if your head is not strong. And what makes it worse is that sometimes police officers are around that area. So, you see, there is no respect for the law and for those who are supposed to enforce it. Sometimes there would be young people there in their school uniforms, girls drinking the same hard liquor as the guys, sometimes smoking the weed also. Therefore, anything that you think about that can happen when the weed and alcohol take over usually happens, because all sense of reasoning has gone through the back door.

We are heading for destruction if we sit back and do nothing. My call is going out to the responsible persons in authority, as well as the parents, to look into this kind of behaviour that some of our young people are engaging in and do something about it. It has gone too far now. If you have a heart for young people and this country, you would not delay in taking some form of action. We need an intervention as in yesterday. We know that sometimes some of the adults do not show a good example, but be that as it may, we have lives to save. These same young people are the ones who have to take over when we are gone. What would be the future of St Vincent and the Grenadines if we have a nation of adults who would not, and cannot, make sound and proper decisions?

Clifford Gould