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Elections soon here – I believe it’s time for change


Fri, Mar 20, 2015

Editor: There are several indicators that the general elections will be called very soon in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The Prime Minister said by April, all candidates will be chosen. The ULP is planning their convention, a big rally, which is slated to occur in Calliaqua; repairs and construction of playing fields. The Prime Minister is encouraging his candidates to venture out and meet Vincentians — just a few indicators why I said the general elections will be held soon.{{more}}

The ULP is in its third term and they are trying their best to hold on to the power they possess. The question is, did the ULP deliver? After doing what they did, most Vincentians are fed up with the ULP leadership; why? Is it because they failed? Or is it because the state of the economy, lack of health care, poverty, crime and criminal activities, underemployment, unemployment? The agriculture sector is struggling and there is a serious decline in the tourism industry. These are some sectors that have declined drastically under the leadership of the ULP Government. The ULP is saying the problems we are facing are related to what’s taking place on the international scene. The ULP promised Vincentians so much that they are demanding that they deliver on their promises.

Good governance and accountability: could we say the ULP delivered these aspects? No! When one questions their leadership or makes inquiries, they automatically get pushed around. The Prime Minister in his press conferences always tries to intimidate persons with his answers. He always seems to point out what the NDP should have done and what they can’t do now. Vincentians are paying close attention to the Prime Minister and the ULP, and they are calling for a change. Fourteen years is enough!

It’s time for Mr Eustace to be given a chance to run this country. So, I am hoping that Vincentians put their country before their party. Consider what was done by the ULP, what they are doing now and the direction they are taking the country. Losing ownership of the NCB, now known as BOSVG, bad roads, under-employment, alarming homicide rates, a speaker who lacks impartiality (Mr Hendrickson Alexander). Vincentians are finding difficulties making ends meet.

Dr Gonsalves came into office in 2001; he tried and delivered; his heart is in the right place, but there comes a time when one should go and the time has come; you can leave with the championship belt. Don’t make Vincentians treat you like they treated Sir James.

Here are some things that the Prime Minister did to build this country. The construction of the Argyle international airport; he put things in place to strengthen our foreign policy; he built low income houses; he increased access for Vincentians to study at university. While all these developments are important, Vincentians are still saying time for a change. Dr Gonsalves tried his best, but when one party is in power for more than three terms, it never ends well. We all remember when the NDP won third terms, they became complacent and they forgot about St Vincent and the Grenadines. Senator Francis, Ms Miguel and Minister McKie, Vincentians are fed up. It’s time for a change. It’s time for fresh legs; that’s why Mr Eustace, Dr Friday, St Clair Leacock, Daniel Cummings, Terrence Ollivierre, Dr Ferdinand, Dr Linton Lewis and Leron Baptiste will be best placed to run this country.

This NDP team, led by Mr Eustace, will be better placed to rebuild this country and take us to the next century. It is unfair to say that Mr Eustace can’t become the Prime Minister because he knows what is expected of him. There will be no more victimization; no more square pegs in round holes; good governance and accountability will be there.

Kingsley DeFreitas

PS It is being said that Mr Louis Straker is making a return to politics, to represent Central Leeward. As a friend, I will give him some advice: “Don’t do it, bro. Your time has already gone.”