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Yet another call


Tue Mar 17, 2015

Editor: One of my main priorities in life is safety and this should be so for all Vincentians. I cannot exhaust the subject of safety in my quest to sensitize Vincentians about their surroundings. The main reason why I am doing this is to help Vincentians to be proactive in everything that we do.{{more}} Delay to me is dangerous and if we can prevent danger from happening, why allow it to happen and then say, “If a bin know”? That would be too late because the danger would already have been done.

I am referring to the bypass road on Lowmans Hill after leaving the James Minimart. If there is no one to guide you as you come out from the gap, you can find yourself in serious trouble. On Friday, March 6, I was coming down that same road. I had to actually speed out of there, taking a big risk. Therefore, I am calling on the authorities to please put up some mirrors there. I believe that we had some there before and members of the public defaced and destroyed them, but I think that we have laws in place to deal with such persons. For heaven’s sake, we need those mirrors ASAP to avoid any accidents, because vehicles are coming from both directions and things can get nasty if something is not done soon. I know sometimes, depending on who writes about certain things, persons in authority would listen, but a call is a call, no matter who sends it out; so, please take note.

Clifford E. Gould