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Young people, take warning about the music you let into your mind!


Fri Mar 13, 2015

Editor: Please be advised that this article in no way signals a return to journalism on a large scale. Newspapers are mediums where writers/journalists should be able to express their opinions, for example about alternate religions, musical preferences, without being torn to pieces by an intolerant public. Moreover, they should tell the whole truth.{{more}}

I will continue to write occasionally for the youth market (which this article targets) and on mental illness issues, and if I accumulate enough resources to do so, the homeless.

Our young people from zero to 18 are very special individuals, many of whom I met in terms of my earlier career as a reporter.

In spite of Satanism in the churches and mainstream Vincentian Christianity, certain technological distractions which have a negative suicidal bent of inducement, and the rising presence of the new rich drug class (which have sent decent old-school moralists scurrying to the prisons of their burglar proofed homes); in spite of all these influences, our young students excel academically, show real moral resistance – especially girls – and have the attitude and tools to succeed. Why then is there no real evidence of this youthful positivity and morality in mainstream adult life? Simply because of Satanic influences (though not in all cases), and a decidedly adult ‘peer’ pressure to conform to prostitution, crime and the pervasive evil which threatens and consumes young children, once the apron strings have been severed and they have to tackle unaided the Vincentian environment. I speak of – in terms of excellence – young people like Storm Halbich (pre-teen author), Alron Harry (scholar and accomplished musician), Elizabeth and John Rickards (actress/singer and DJ respectively), and Ivan Parris (only grade 7 violinist in SVG ABRSM certified).

OK, so music.

Why is it that Jamaican dance hall artist Vybz Cartel is revered by some of our young people in spite of the fact that he is a bona fide and convicted criminal and murderer? The answer is in the music. He was lauded recently with an award from a Jamaican youth group, when ironically the music he and many others record and sell sees their young targets succumb to crime and drugs, suicidal despair. ‘The life’. It is not far fetched to intimate that the lifetime convicted murderer and his cohorts are a great part of the fuel which fires the downward cultural and moral path which the entire Caribbean is facing.

These statements are not made lightly. As a student of musicology – study of the language of music – suggestive rhythm, mournful sensual melody and harmony patterns, devilish special effects, and over-simplification in repetitive metallic and brassy synth sounds – are core to the ‘new’ Caribbean musical product and these arrangements mean something. This musical background is just as powerful as the negative suggestive lyrics advocating violence and excessive sensuality which cover them. I quote Vybz Cartel as frankly as the editor will allow, where he tackles sexual anti-spiritual themes.(RAMPING SHOP, a top 100 US hit according to billboard magazine) “All men ah ride you p***y, feel like sun hot-mi c**ky longer than your nike.” His recent ‘CONJUGAL VISIT) with Spice “Ah you me say please skin out your glory.” Spice duet partner returns: “me won you come f**k me like you own me” to which he returns “C**k up and shut up.”

The environment in which these artists thrive is one of abandon, lust, violence, conflict and degradation; including females, they COMMERCIALLY and insincerely target the young.

Here is an exercise for you young people to try — cue up your favourite Cartel song —listen actively, analyse — instead of passively the drum track — what does it say, does it suggest anything to you? Are the sounds like gunshots or harps? Does the music stir you actively? Or does it make you want to sleep, to move your body, to kill?

Young people take warning, what you let into your mind produces its own likeness in the way you think and what that thinking attracts, in terms of experiences, a proven psychology reference.

Now cue up Handel’s MESSIAH-HALLELUJAH CHORUS on Youtube. One of the best versions is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s. How do you feel about the way the voices blend? Does it make you think of sex, love or maybe something unattainable like a picture of what God is? It is not unattainable, since German composer GF Handel attained it. You can too.

You see young ones, some of your parents and adult role models (certainly Vybz Cartel) have given up on the ideal. They have, to their detriment, abandoned hope.

This article on it’s ninth written page would be incomplete without something tangible for you young ones to focus on. More also, next time I write on the language of music – musicology – a most powerful tool – music for elevation and destruction.

Books, they are becoming a scarcely approached commodity because of technological gadgetry. Here are some authors to read, look up on the Internet, or browse in bookstores (online also?). Two authors wrote their accounts of healings of fatal diseases – one as a missionary sentenced to die, the other a pastor who was healed of skin cancer. There is no preaching in these books, just everyday Christian-oriented and modern metaphysical techniques. They are Frederick Bailes and Joseph Murphy, and their solutions pertain to every area of life.

More insights soon, from one who knows.

Colin King