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The KFC Man


Fri Mar 13, 2015

Committed to a task, he goes every day,

Giving his all in hope of receiving his pay.

Working holidays and bad weather his task is incomplete,

Working eight hours or more he grinds tirelessly on his feet.

He is a cook, cleaner, cashier, delivery guy,

truck driver sometimes the job description doesn’t say.{{more}}

He works nevertheless doing whatever the bosses say,

He is taught to say ” yes sir, yes ma’am, thank you for shopping and have a nice day.”

He goes about his work with a smile on his face,

for tomorrow promises to be a brighter day.

Teamwork has become second nature,

serving the customer he does with pleasure.

Never knowing who to expect this minute, Mystery Shopper,
Parliamentarian or Bank Manager,you just name it.

He tries to be on cue in fear of a bad review.

“Get that order right, no mistakes” echoes in his head.

Sleepless nights as the mental scars torment him after a tough day as he lies on his bed.

Yet as the sun rises he gets up thanking God for the job he provided.

He is off to work greeting the team as they prepare to serve the customers as one unit, never divided.

KFC he explains is often referred to as Vincentians’ national dish,

has moved from just frying chicken to salads and even fish.

He weeps as he tells his story, for he is many forming one body, finally one unit

The many staff of KFC and PHD hold your head up high do not forfeit.

For the Lord collects your tears and hears your cries

If we all pray together I promise you he will reply.

He knows our names and he has a master plan

He has you at heart, my dear friend Mr KFC man.