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Please – Keep KFC hope alive


Fri, Mar 13, 2015

Editor: While many Vincentians have been surprised by the Monday evening closure of the outlets of the KFC, and jokingly made fun of “Vincentians now going to cook their own food,” the rumour was around for sometime now that KFC may soon be no more. Mr Boyea himself noted that he thought he had more time to deal with the financial issues confronting him and the business under St Clair Investment.{{more}}

All Vincentians by now must realize that the closure of this business enterprise would be a huge loss to us, not because of the quality taste it once boasted of, but for the contribution made to the development of people and country through sports, education, environmental upkeep, community development, employment, business, health and we could go on and on.

Mr Ken Boyea himself has his heart and soul as a business investor in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and this is good. For years, Ken Boyea has been sought after for his skill and experience in business and here I must say even for his financial investment.

The Green Hill Sports and Cultural Club Inc at this time empathizes with Mr Ken Boyea and St Clair Investment and encourages all Vincentians to do likewise, as he keeps hope alive for KFC. The GHSCC Inc has been the recipient of support over the years from this company, through support for sports development, employment opportunities for residents of Green Hill, and infrastructure for community development. Many other organisations have benefitted likewise, hence the call from us in GHSCC Inc for others to be in solidarity and assist Mr Boyea and St Clair Investment to Keep the KFC hope alive.

Carlos Williams
President (GHSCC Inc)