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Kirk DaSilva – political asset to Marriaqua


Tue Mar 10, 2015

Editor: I have been following the local world of hectic politics in the streets and in the diverse communities across St Vincent. The community of Marriaqua, where I have my paternal roots, is no exception.

The trio of Godson Cain, Jimmy Prince and Kirk DaSilva, all of whom are vying for overwhelming endorsement by the Marriaqua constituency as the preferred choice of candidate to replace Marriaqua’s first lady of politics, the Hon Girlyn Miguel, are consummate professionals.{{more}} Their professionalism has impacted significantly on their native community of Marriaqua.

However, in any objective analysis of the three men as a suitable replacement for the honourable lady, Kirk DaSilva would feature prominently. DaSilva, before his unannounced entry into the political foray, has been forging links on a regular basis with virtually all the villages in Marriaqua. Of paramount importance is his sponsorship of several sporting entities to participate in competitive sports in Marriaqua. Perhaps Mr DaSilva’s benevolent gesture is in keeping with the realization that sports is an integral part of nation building and, more so, it helps to build the self-esteem of budding sportsman and sportswomen.

DaSilva has a nexus with persons from all walks of Vincentian life, he also possesses a wealth of experience in helping many people resolve their problems, both from a personal and social level. His social skills are also exemplified in his delivery of charity to working causes. The general feedback in the lush Marriaqua community is that Kirk DaSilva, because of his grassroot links, his interactive skills with both the middle and upper classes and his affable personality, will be the ideal choice to replace the formidable Girlyn Miguel. Indeed, Kirk DaSilva is an asset to the ULP and, by extension, Marriaqua. Kirk, in conclusion, is a public-spirited individual who has a broad knowledge of politics.

Patmos Richards