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Digicel needs to get with the programme


Fri, Mar 06, 2015

Editor: After observing a recent chart displayed by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), I have come to the conclusion that telecommunications provider LIME has always had lower retail rates than its competitor, since the introduction of price regulation on mobile calls.{{more}}

The chart shows that since price regulation of mobile rates sometime in 2003, LIME’s rate to the man on the street has plummeted from close to $1.20 cents, to its current 69 cents per minute, while Digicel’s rates are steadily increasing, moving from an introductory fee of about 80 cents, to as much as $1.03 cents.

Currently, LIME’s customers like myself have the privilege of paying a current rate per minute of 69 cents across the board (LIME to LIME mobile, LIME to LIME fixed and LIME to Digicel mobile), but my friends and associates who are clients of Digicel are paying 90 cents to persons on the same network, 93 cents to call me or other LIME subscribers, and $1.03 cents to LIME fixed line.

The current rates dispel myths that a merger between LIME and Columbus Communications, which would make the companies a dominant player in the telecommunications market, would ultimately lead to an increase in rates; this would not be possible since the fees charged to customers would be regulated as has been the case for the past eleven years.

In fact, we customers would actually be the recipients of better prices and services by an amalgamation of the two entities, and I personally look forward to the merger taking place, and the benefits to be derived from such a union.

It is my opinion that Digicel needs to get with the programme


LIME customer