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An Eye Opener


Fri Mar 6, 2015

Editor: I received a few text messages on my Digicel phone inviting me to participate in a panel discussion/public consultation on the Lime/Flow merger. I thought to myself that this one would be very interesting, so on Monday, February 23, 2015, even before the stipulated time, I was in my seat.{{more}} Let me be honest with you, it was well attended and that spells well for the future involvement of Vincentians in matters that concern us. I listened to all of the presenters as they told us about the merger and the plans that they have for us in giving us something better for our hard earned money.

Mr. Stephen Joachim did us justice. I am very proud of you sir. We need more men like you around who would call a spade a spade and ‘watch no face’. When Mr. Junior Bacchus, president of the National Consumers Association got up to make his presentation I listened intently to what he was saying. Well J.B, as you are affectionately called, you did a wonderful job, but I did not know that we still have a Consumers Association in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. At least not until the gas situation when I was listening to one radio programme and I heard Mr. Bacchus call in and address this problem and indicated to us what our rights are. Then I said to myself, it seems like Lazarus came forth because I haven’t heard anything from Mr. Bacchus for a very long time.

Now I know that the Association exists I think that we can be assured that our welfare is being looked after. Mr Bacchus, let me wish you and the Association all the best in the future and if I can be of any help to you please let me know because my purpose on this earth is to serve God and my fellow men. By the way Mr. Bacchus what is the Consumer Association doing about the vast difference between the mobile call rates of Digicel and Lime for the same service?

Clifford Gould