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Follow the teachings of Christ, not the rituals of religion


Fri Feb 27, 2015

Editor: Oftentimes we get mixed up with Christianity and religion. Religion is man-made, while Christianity is Christ made. With religion, man is exalted and promoted. It is about man. Whereas in Christianity, it is Christ that is exalted and promoted.

Christianity seeks to promote Christ, while religion seeks to promote a person. In religion, we have persons that are head or leader, while in Christianity Christ is the only head and leader. Christianity is about Christ, while religion is about persons.{{more}}

The Bible is the constitution for Christianity, while religion has its own constitution and by-laws. Christianity is a body that grows, while religion is an organization with boards. In religion, man appoints, but in Christianity it is the Holy Spirit that appoints.

Christ is the main attraction and in religion it is the programmes and other activities that are the attraction. Christianity is really and truly about Christ, his death, burial and resurrection. It is about what he can do. While, in religion, it is competition about who the best is and what this person can do. In religion, persons are looked upon with great respect and the preachers or ministers are seen as the person of authority. Thus many times what he/she says is seen as the truth, with which many persons hold fast. However, in Christianity, the Holy Spirit, who is the leader, is the one who directs, convicts etc. In Christianity, Christ is the one who we are to love and respect. He is the authority and thus his teaching ought to be held in reverence and he is the one whom we are to worship, obey and look up to.

While religion is seen as a money making business, Christianity ought to be seen as service rendered in love to all men. So, in these last days, we are seeing many religions flourish, while we wonder about their Christianity. Let us remember that Christianity is all about Christ, while religion seeks to exalt and promote men.

Let us, as a people, follow the teachings of Christ and not the rituals of a religion. The Bible has no error and is true in its entirety. Thus, let us follow what the Bible says and be guided by the Holy Spirit, who is the one who appoints.

Kennard King