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Stop attacking Islam and spreading lies on Prophet Muhammad!


Fri Feb 20, 2015

Editor: Over the last two centuries, Muslims have been experiencing difficulties in practising the way of life Al Islam and here in our small island the constant attack continues up to this day and time. All we are trying to do is spread the true word of God, because right now, a lot of negative and unIslamic propaganda is bring propagated. It is our responsibility as believers.{{more}} In the name of Almighty Allah we are humbly requesting a certain individual, Mr Shefflorn Ballantyne, to please stop attacking Islam and spreading lies on the Prophet Muhammad. Peace be upon him. Please read the history of the early Muslims in the Caribbean. They are our ancestors.

Those who make the false allegation that Islam was spread by the sword should study the spread of Islam in the Caribbean, where it was not even introduced by traders or missionaries, as in other parts of the world, but by slaves, and humble labourers. From these people have emerged today Muslims of all strata of society, whether they may be lawyers, doctors, politicians, civil servants, or businessmen, thus proving to the world that Islam is for all mankind.

For those wanting more information, a Short History of Islam in the Caribbean can be read online at (

Anthony ‘Code Red’ Bacchus