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Should businessmen be financially rewarding our police officers?


Fri Feb 20, 2015

Editor: Please allow me to vent my distaste, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and disagreement with an article published in the Searchlight Newspaper of Friday, February 13, 2015, page 16.{{more}}

Dear Editor, it does not sit well in my stomach to hear and read that financial rewards are given to our police officers for “their efforts in clamping down on illicit guns and drug activities.”

Our policemen and policewomen are supposed to be paid by the Government for their work. It is not right or proper or moral for the integrity of the Police Force to accept financial rewards for what is supposed to be their job from any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

Furthermore, I am not only worried about the tainted image of OUR Police Force, but also about the precedence that is being set; the implications of it with regard to corruption; our dependence on the Force for equal rights and justice; the message it is sending to whomever has some money in their pockets; and the intentions or agendas that may not be so obvious to the seeing eye.

I am calling on ‘Corporal 723 Nolan Dalloway and his team’ to restore the image of OUR Police Force and do the right thing.

Duncy Head