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Jimmy Prince is the best ULP pick for the Valley


Tue Feb 17, 2015

Editor: Kindly allow me space to write this article. I am from the South Windward Constituency, but have lived in the Marriaqua Valley for some time now, and I know the three individuals vying to represent the Unity Labour Party in the upcoming elections.{{more}}

I cannot recall Marriaqua ever being in such a difficult position in the selection of a candidate. The three men — Jimmy, Kirk and Godson are all professionals in their own right, but I want to agree with the ‘prophet’ that Jimmy Prince is the best pick to replace the ‘Valley Rose,’ who did her best during her tenure.

I conducted my own private poll and three-quarters of the persons I interviewed indicated that they will vote for Jimmy, if selected as the candidate for the upcoming elections — even solid supporters of the NDP are saying they will vote for Jimmy.

But an unfortunate situation is brewing. Both Kirk and Godson are ganging up to say nasty things about Jimmy. How can they do that?

They are hitting below the belt. Jimmy has shown maturity by not responding in kind.

How can people trust those two other contenders? They may even ask their supporters not to go to the polls if Jimmy is selected. I don’t think they love their party. They are selfish. They must stop the back stabbing.

For that very reason, the people of Marriaqua will overwhelmingly support Jimmy Prince as their pick to be the next candidate.

The Prophetess