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Response to the Prophet from Marriaqua


Fri Feb 13, 2015

Editor: Thank you for a little space to respond to the letter published in your issue of February 6, 2015 by the “Prophet” from Marriaqua.

“Godson falls short in the area of gaining political acceptance;” “Godson is not supremely fit for current political life.” “Like Sister Girlyn, he is not anymore young and vigorous giant.”{{more}} These are excerpts of a judgment passed upon me by a cabale in last week’s paper. This is the pronouncement of a Prophet and I set out to prove that this is not prophecy, but nothing short of endorsement of one, Jimmy Prince. It is also a directive given by the Prophet to ULP card-carrying members so to do.

“Countless numbers in Marriaqua political circles have agreed that St Clair “Jimmy” Prince is the most important attending ULP nominee.” Says who? Where did the consensus or judgment for this come from? From the cabales in the backrooms and rum shops, where, in order to elevate Jimmy to public acceptance, they set about denigrating Kirk [DaSilva] and me to nothingness, while being impervious to the slurs going around about him. I would have believed the “consensus” of the cabale constituting “Marriaqua political circles” and the king-makers if the Prophet had said “countless numbers in Marriaqua” had said so and authenticated in a good opinion poll. Mr Prophet, how representative is “countless numbers” in the cabales out of a voting population of nearly 7,000 registered voters, or some 3,500 ULP supporters?

On selection day, how impartial will the cabale be when you constitute the Candidate Selection Committee? To all intents and purposes, you have shown your hand, as promised. You are telling the ULP electorate to choose the hitherto NDP Jimmy over trusted, hard-working comrades with wilderness years behind them. This is now creating mischief, dissension and divisiveness among soldiers in the trenches.

To use your own phraseology, “If politicians in Marriaqua were to be hanged for lack of performance, Ken would have been hanged.” If politicians or would-be politicians were to be hanged for inconsistency, cowardice and dittering as exemplified by his frequent and recent utterings: “Ah dem way want me.” “I ain’t like this thing.” “Not me”etc, your dear anointed would be hanged. Ask the people with whom he comes into contact and they will tell you that you can’t even get a definite answer from him. It appears that he is being forced against his will into political life.

Mr Prophet, how can you claim that “Jimmy is the most important ULP nominee, when he has to be brought kicking and screaming? You are building a theory on the assumption that, from Jimmy’s long tenure on GIS, API and on SVGTV, he is easily recognizable and known. (O’Neal is also easily recognizable and known). Known for what? The assumption is: I know you: I vote for you. You ignore the fact that people are asking the question “What has he done for Marriaqua?” You tried to make a case for him. The citation done in his name toward the end of the letter, even Jimmy knows it is falsehood. What political decision making did he influence in Marriaqua? It can’t be his reluctant, haphazard and forced entry into Marriaqua politics.

Jimmy’s entry into Marriaqua’s politics CANNOT rival Girlyn’s. Not even now when the bruises are there for it. Mr Prophet, you cannot be serious. He does not have the stature and aplomb. Compare like and like. This is a case of chalk and cheese. You have oversold Jimmy and your prophecy appears ragged and leads one to question your political judgment.

Jimmy does not have political popularity. His popularity or recognizability is from television… pure and simple. You are probably assuming that he can convert his television “popularity” into electoral votes. That will be good. Prophesy on that one. May I remind you what one lady reportedly told him: ” Mr Prince, I only know you on TV; but I don’t know you.” So, if the assumption is: I know you: I’ll vote for you. Think again!

People in Marriaqua will make similar pronouncements of us. People want to know us beyond face value to trust us. We are closed books. We need to be honest and open up to people; let them turn the pages and discover beyond a shadow of doubt what we are capable of. Our people are wiser than judging the book by the cover. This is the reason for an exposé. People want answers to give them hope, to restore the ‘bread basket” to economic health. We have become an effigy of our former selves. Imagine in 1992, some $112 million came to us as income from the export of bananas. Some 60 per cent or $66 million came to farmers in Marriaqua. Thereafter, there was a steady decline in output and the death of banana industry, as we knew it. Ground provision is a very poor cousin to bananas and we have been facing the challenges of survival in these times. People want us to engender hope, articulate their felt needs and take them to a sustainable equilibrium. This the job of an economist. Mr Prophet, ask your anointed if he has the capacity to deliver more and better. Please, Mr Prophet, don’t dismiss me because I am older than the rest by two or so years. Remember: the older the fiddle the sweeter the tune. I am sure that I can play sweeter development tunes than the rest. I have the capacity and training.

Godson Cain