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Development has a price


Fri Feb 13, 2015

Editor: As the population increases, so do the demands for houses. In a developing country like ours, there would be buildings of various kinds that, from time to time, will be erected, be it businesses or private houses.{{more}}

While this development is seen as good, yet we have to agree that it has some negative effects. Amongst the negative effects is land slippage and landslides. A careful survey and observation will show that in many cases, due to the weight of some of these structures, the lack of proper drains and the closeness to the end of the bank, that many landslides occur and also that even the retaining wall sometimes slides and is destroyed.

It is important that NEMO and the physical planning board work closely together on the construction of buildings. At the end of the day, when a wall collapses or even a structure gets damaged, it is NEMO who has to assist the persons who got damaged.

The cutting of trees is also quite evident. This practice is done as a result of construction of buildings. We know that this practice also weakens the soil and would allow for erosion. It is sometimes a scary thought when one realizes that hardly anyone is safe when it rains, since much of the top soil has been removed and also the aforementioned practices are carried out quite regularly.

Thus, we know that development has a price. So, as we seek to develop ourselves and this nation, let us be conscious of the aforementioned. Only we can build or destroy this nation of ours. Thank you.

Kennard King