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MoneyGram refused my temporary SVG ID


Tue Feb 10, 2015

Editor: I beg your indulgence to provide public service information so as to spare would-be customers to one of the Money Gram outlets in Kingstown a great inconvenience.{{more}}

On Saturday, January 31, 2015, I sought the services of that institution. After enduring a long time in line, I finally got to the front, only to be told by the clerk that my temporary ID certificate was not acceptable. The young lady clerk, without any semblance of empathy for any inconvenience to me, said that anybody could forge that document. I tried to point out that it was duly stamped and signed by the Supervisor of Elections, but to no avail. She, however, suggested that on the following Monday I could try at the Post Office, as they are “Government.” I told her that what transpired was bad for business, but she said that that was not her “business.” I thanked her any way.

Thankfully though, my document was accepted on the following Monday at the Post Office, for what it rightfully is, a valid document.

The situation I encountered at the other Money Gram was worrying in view of the implications it could have for customers on a temporary ID who need to do urgent business or who have an emergency after the Post Office has closed.

The statement by the clerk that anyone could forge that document does not rest well for security or for the noble office of the Supervisor of Elections and should therefore be looked into.


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